WattWatchers product status

Yesterday we received off-tool parts for WattWatchers Auditor and Appliance Manager products. The Auditor case clips together perfectly (no fasteners). Our industrial designer group and the toolmakers have done a great job. The Auditor will definitely be the best looking guy on the DIN rail. Compliance work is proceeding, and there is more work to do on production procedures and documentation.

Some adjustments are being made to the UNO enclosure to improve the speaker performance, ease of manufacture, and some details relating to the LCD zebra strips. We have WiFi code running in the boards and so the product is demonstrable.

Object Consulting has ported the OurGreenHome iPhone app to iPAD – it looks stunning. Appearance is everything these days. Nobody much seems interested in the underlying data bases and memory-based realtime net-computing required to deliver the data with such low latency (7 seconds, including the 5 second measurement period).

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