Wattwatchers 2018

So it has been a while since I posted … 5 years!
During that time, as CTO of Wattwtachers, we have built a profitable company with 20k shipped device, 50k (min) for next 12 months
Check out wattwatchers.com.au for details, but as a short summary:

* The Auditor6M is a 3G / LTE energy meter with 6 channels of Class 1 measurement
* The Auditor6W is the WiFi version, with diversity antennas and excellent range
* Both can report to multiple hosting sites and include a device management system
* Both have highly configurable metrology and reporting content and duration

So what? Well,
* both of these products are built entirely within a 2U DIN enclosure … 35mm wide.
* install even in crowded switchboards in less than 20 minutes
* they are Level III UL listed to UL61010; PTCRB; CE; CISPR etc.

(Other “behind the meter” products consist of many parts wired together in an IP65 box outside the meter box, require lots of wiring and hours of time.)

Additionally, “option” boards inside the Auditor 2U package can do things like
* switch up to three loads via mains-powered contactors
* connect to inverters via ModbusRTU (battery and solar feed-in control etc.)
* provide multiple up links (3G/LTE AND WiFi … 2Q18)
* provide Modnet connections

So what now? Applications!
The Wattwatcher “data layer” for the grid enables all “new energy” applications.
Move over, “Smart Meters”.

In Australia, AEMO (the market operator) wants 5-minute data.
* Auditors can supply 5-second and 5-minute data in real time
* Expensive Smart Meters provide 15 or 30-minute data … tomorrow.

Contact info@wattwatchers.com.au for an API to start developing real-time energy apps.

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