Gnomes, Sustainability.

Gardening Naturally Over Mother Earth

What don’t we get about “Sustainable”?
If it is “Unsustainable”, then you can’t keep doing it!
Some force of nature will rise up an smite you!
Your top soil will blow away, you will run out of minerals and oil (that WILL HAPPEN one day), your fish stocks will vanish, the temperature will rise, and your civilisation will turn to dust.

So do WE want to deal with it, or do we want to leave a more difficult problem to our children? Frankly, I can’t imagine either of my kids ever being as competant at everything as I am, so we are faced with declining problem solving ability in the face of more difficult issues.

By the way, have you ever noticed that WA never stops complaining about two things: the rest of Australia is taking money from them, and there’s a labour and skills shortage. Maybe if they spent some money on training people, housing people, providing public transport i.e. community building then maybe we in the East wouldn’t have to do it for them. Anyway, what is it they want – a business or a community?

Why not deal with it now? For naturally replenished resources, the famous U curve shows that there is an optimum number of fish to be caught (equal to the natural replacement rate): if you fish too many then more and more effort and cost goes to catching fewer fish.

The atmosphere is a member of the replenished class of resources, but that too is being over fished. I’m planning on moving south.

Coal and Iron in Australia will also run out, but we’ve got a few hundred years there. If we can’t sell the deniers on fish and CO2 problems, we can give up on this one. The side effect of too much money in minerals is that the rest of the economy goes to hell in a handbasket. The deskilling issue is dealt with elsewhere; this is where engineering and other creative decisions are made by people like lawyers and economists. Like the energy problem.

BTW, to you nuclear lovers (any left?) just remember we only have a few tens of years of known uranium reserves before we have to turn to breeder reactors. That’ll increase our security forces by ten timesand the cost of electricity by a factor of four.

Oil is probably the thing most likely to bring our sushi-less life style to a close. When that happens (NOBODY doubts this will happen in our children’s life time) the world will be a different place. Or maybe not, if the CSIRO could be pursueded to get back to doing research on energy instead of employing a bunch of half wits using the same financial models, and aspirations, as Gerry Harvey.

If CSIRO could put the molecules together to make an organism that transmutes solar energy+CO2+crappy plant matter to alcohol, then maybe I’ll still buy that Ferrari when I’m 70 and the gummint can keep building roads.

BTW, where’s Barry going to put those extra 2m people he wants in Sydney? What’s the plan, Baz?

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