Getting the message across

Our mothers tell us that “asking nicely” is a good way to get what you want. There are better ways!

Making the message personal is a good way, using the approval of others is better, and a bit of emotional blackmail is best.

A hotel recently tested this by using several different notices about the re-use of towels.

The first notice just asked guests (nicely) to place unused towels on the bed from where they could be replaced in the bathroom.
The second notice pointed out that in general 75% of guests actually did this: this gave better results than the first notice.
The third notice pointed out that 75% of the guests “in this room” had joined in: this impoved results again.
The fourth and most successful notice claimed that a contribution had already been made “on your behalf” to a charity and thanked the occupant for their participation.

Climate change is not nice, is not personal, and is displaced sometime in the future. Nothing viceral about it. Not even energy bills are very immediate (you have to wonder why the energy companies aren’t billing monthly like everyone else).

WattWatcher products help make energy and climate change a lot more personal.

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